Writing is more than just theory.

It takes a trained ear to know what a song needs. Our songwriters have two. 

They've also been studying music theory so that's a bonus. 

We're tailored to fit your need.

Whether you want a professional cover, an original score for your film, or you need help writing music for your song, we've got you covered.

We'll take a hit to make a hit.

We only charge $50 per minute of song that you need, so that you can take those savings elsewhere and grow your brand.

Some samples for you.

This Soundcloud playlist is full of tacks our songwriters have written or helped write, so you can hear the quality you're looking for.

Once you're done enjoying our music, look below for our contact information. Shoot us an email or text and we'll be in touch to discuss what it is you need. We'll 

Tell us what you need