Why producing?

Music artist producing a show

What is a producer?

The word "producer" has been tossed around by the music industry by beatmakers. It's much more than that. Producers oversee and manage projects from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality for the artist.

Do you need a producer?

Yes. Musicians shouldn't book time in a studio without backup. Actors don't prep for auditions all alone. Comedians, magicians, and even politicians all need consultation when it comes to their events and shows. Don't waste money without help.

Who We Are

We are a team of producers and performers, audiophiles and engineers, songwriters and sound designers. We've been working in the industry for decades and want to bring our knowledge and experience to you. 

Contact Us

(857) 323-2858


Our services


Give us a call, we'll help you out with a song or an upcoming event.

Personalized Graphics

Everything from promotional photos to full brand guides.

Pre-Made Beats

We've spent years making backing tracks. Give them a listen.

Music Composing

We'll write whatever you need, from scores to backing tracks.

Professional Mixing

Send us your stems and we'll fit everything together in one file.

Audio Mastering

We'll put the finishing touches on your work so it's ready for anything.

"Very creative and slick audio engineers,  supportive and fun when producing you through a music recording session, and veritable aural chameleons when working with different styles of instrumentation to make a pop track work."

 -Isaac Lezcano (Rapper/Beatmaker)